"THE LINE"

by Luke Wygodny, Marina Pires

Our music making was born out of an unexpected artistic collaboration that turned into a sort of lifeline for us. 

The Heartstrings Project is not only the name of a band that we release music under, it’s also a creative space for all of us to feel supported when we fully commit to spilling our guts out. 

This was originally a passion project of brothers, Luke and Elias Wygodny. Marina joined in this dream in 2017 and has been creating music with Luke ever since. 

Although we are trained actors, music is how we first learned to communicate our thoughts and to heal ourselves.

At very young ages, Luke and Marina began on string instruments (Luke on Cello & Marina on Violin) so melodically, they often write from those perspectives. 

The music itself is mostly rooted in folk storytelling but we let it flow where it needs to in order to tell the story. And the stories we write are not always narrative, but the truth is always a priority. 

We met in New York City through mutual friends and quickly fell deeply into each other’s lives. Probably because of how similarly we see the world and the artistry we were interested in making. We’d written a lot separately but this is the type of songwriting we’ve always dreamed of pursuing; from a place of no form or genre, but rather seeing what arises and how we can develop it, using truth as our compass. 

For the last year, Luke and Marina have been pursuing songwriting and a romantic relationship long distance, all while traveling as performing artists. On breaks we do everything we can just to be in the same room and try our best not to rush the few still moments we have together. (Currently Marina is on the first national tour of On Your Feet and Luke is performing at The Straz Center in Hundred Days) A lot like the two protagonist power couples in our theatre pieces, Gloria & Emilio Estefan and Shaun & Abigail Bengson, we're finally ready to take on music making as a priority. Wherever the road may take us, our wish is to be able to make art using our own voices and experiences to tell the story. That’s the dream now.

On top of creating a full length album next year, we plan on finishing up a play with music about Marina’s experience as a part of an immigrant family and the influence of music in finding her home identity in two different cultures. We are also working on writing for an indie film & tracking a new podcast series by Australian improviser Jason Geary. 

As we all navigate through life together and individually, we wanted there to be a “living room”; a space we hold for one another, and everyone we meet for checking in and really telling truth. A place for fully feeling compassion in a present & grounded way. This is something we think a lot of people including us, struggle with in a world that is so over-stimulating. A world that demands your attention be in 10 different places, on 10 different interfaces. The Heartstrings Project was ultimately created as a space where we can give ourselves the permission and attention to live from the heart. We hope to eventually collect all of our favorite people who make art and convince them to make art together. To conjure up a community of people online through a blog or podcast of our own and the incredible artists we meet along the way. That’s the long term dream. 

It’s this life long pursuit for us. We just hope people find comfort in that and in our music. 

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