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About Luke Wygodny

Born and raised in Chicago, Luke grew up living & breathing music. His dad always cranked up the Allman Brothers and Jimi Hendrix while his mom shared story telling through Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens.  At a very young age Wygodny found peace through his cello. As he got older he found himself jamming on his dads beat up old Yamaha guitar. He started writing songs ever since and in his teens was found playing gigs all over the Chicagoland area. While in high school Luke dove into the acting world, which led him to Syracuse University. He majored in pretending, acting and trusting instincts that resonate deep within. After college Luke moved to NYC to pursue storytelling. This led him to his original songs. His true love: songwriting; a folk machine created to help keep his heartstrings in tune. 


On the road with THE BENGSONS in HUNDRED DAYS.

{La Jolla Playhouse ~ Straz Center ~ Adrienne Arsht Center} 

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